T25 – 1, Me- Meh

We kicked it up a notch yesterday.  Ever done T25?  It’s a beast.  It will kick your rear in places you didn’t know could be kicked.  Quite the same with places that hurt the next day, but you know, the good kind of hurt.  My knee doesn’t like T25.  I like to call this preventative icing.  If I don’t do it, my knee turns into a cousin of a honey dew melon.  It’s so not pretty, folks, but a little bit of ice goes a long way.


That was me last night.  On the couch for about 20 minutes, pillow, ice, knee up.  It helped tremendously.  It’s funny, when you have an injury, and you know how it reacts to certain stimuli, you learn how to control it.  For me, it’s ice immediately after a workout.  And stretching the next day, lots of stretching.  And KT Tape, but hey, at least it’s pink.


February 1st…

Which means one whole month since we’ve started this whole “get healthy” thing.  I’d like to say I’ve done better than I have, but I can’t.  On the positive side, I’ve dropped 10 lbs…But on the critical side, this month could have gone a lot better.  I could sit here and spin excuses like how Chris was out of town for 2 weeks, or how we were busy, or how it was just a couple of cheats, but that’s still just making excuses.  I’m so over those.

This needs to be the year of doing, instead of the year of I could do betters.  The only way to do better is to kick your own butt when it needs it.  Right?  So, here’s my public butt kicking.

Things I need to do better:

  1.  Stop procrastinating
  2.  Stop getting overwhelmed and doing nothing
  3.  Get my rear moving
  4.  Stop taking the easy way
  5.  Build my business up
  6.  Stop being my own worst enemy

I say all of that to say this…I will do better.  I want to.  I have to.  Now, who needs a walking partner?  Or a gym buddy?

images (2)

New Year…New Chances

I know everyone, or at least most everyone has some sort of resolution for a new year.  And I know that a lot of those someones break or forget those resolutions in a minute or two, too.  I’ve fallen into the same trap.  Every year is the year that we’re going to do X,Y, and Z, then by February, that’s all out the window when the first King Cake comes out at the bakery or when the first workout hurts a bit too much.

This year, though…this year is different.  Our whole family is in on a life change, not a resolution.  We’ve gotten rid of the crap in our diet, upped the fruits and veggies, found healthier alternatives for a lot of things, and started reading labels.  So far, no one really minds the changes.

The girls got Fitbits for Christmas, so now they’re seeing how much they move during the day.  Chris and I have also started moving more.  In addition to the Fitbits, we’re trying to get in a 30 minute workout during the day.  Of course some days are better than others, and that’s to be expected.  I read somewhere it takes 12 days to make a change, and after that, it’s a habit.  We’ve made it 15 🙂

Fitbit Fanatics!

The girls got Fitbits for Christmas….and it’s been a competition ever since.  We’re trying to get all of us moving more, doing more, being healthier, so we thought they would be a great tool to do that.  Plus, we all know that my 2 girls are probably the most competitive kids on the planet, especially with each other, so what better way to be competitive than with your health?

Fast forward…I had no idea how much they actually walked at school.  They’re both set at a goal of 5,000 steps per day, which is roughly 2.5 miles.  They’re getting that by noon!  Most days, Emma’s at 8,000 or more by the time she goes to bed, and Abby’s about the same.  It’s a great motivator for using the computer, too.  They have to have met their goal before they get the computer.  They make it most everyday, but the one day Abby didn’t, (she was off by 40 steps) she pranced around the house for 10 minutes, then she was good to go. (Chris and Abby aren’t friends on Fitbit…)Fitbit

So if you have a Fitbit, friend them!  They’re all about friends.  Also, Chris is all about challenges, so if you know of any of those, send them his way!


Hubby Brag…

So, my husband is amazing.  I’m sure everything thinks that about their hubbies…well, most of the time anyway.  I seriously think I got extremely lucky when we chose each other.  Anyway, before this gets gushy, I’ll move on…

The bragging part…I love that he thinks of me at random times.  Every couple of mornings for the past month or so, he’s sent me a sunrise picture.  He knows I love the city, and  sunrises, and it just happens to be awesome that his new office building has a porch that faces across campus and toward Midtown.  Of course it’s accompanied most days by some sweet little message, but those are mine, y’all.  The pictures, though, I’ll share 🙂

download_20160112_073908 download_20160112_073912 download_20151117_161101 image

Taco Quinoa Bowls = Make me!

I know y’all have seen a few posts about us all getting healthier around here, right?  No?  Go scroll.  For real.  Get caught up, buttercup!

I’ve been trying to lighten things up, switch up some things we love to eat, so they’re healthier, or if they’re really bad, like crack potatoes, they’re gone.  Let’s say a little moment of silence for those…Ok, moving on.  Taco Quinoa.  Lots of protein, no rice, and it tastes yum.  Oh! Another bonus…It’s basically one pot.  You do have to cook the quinoa and meat at the same time, so it’s kind of 2, but after that, it all mixes together.  Anyway, here’s the recipe.  If you try it, let me know!

1 lb Quinoa, cooked in water or chicken broth until the “tails” come out
1 lb lean meat ( we like ground chicken, but I’ve used turkey and lean ground beef, too)
1 jar of your favorite salsa – medium jar
1 envelop taco seasoning, or make your own
1 can of black beans
Optional, 1 can of corn

Cook the meat and Quinoa.  In a big skillet, combine all of the ingredients and simmer until the liquid is gone – for us, about 15 minutes on medium heat.
Garnish, toppings of your choice…We do fat free sour cream, a little sprinkle of cheese, and salsa.

2015-12-30 15.40.46

Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree

You’ve been moved 1245 times because of construction…Doesn’t have the same ring, huh?  Poor guys have been slid and shoved and moved…But I didn’t have to undecorate!  Score!  But, moving on…

We had an amazing Christmas…Lots of family, friends, food, presents, the list goes on.  I think the best gift was having my house put back together.  EK and AG were spoiled beyond measure, like always…money, boots, AG doll, bike, Uggs, it’s a nauseatingly long list.  But it’s once a year, and we had help from grandparents in the spoiling, so it’s all good.  They’re getting expensive!

We’ve now reached the “I’m not getting excited about anything” stage with Emma, so that provides a lot of laughs.  See Exhibit A…This is her excited face…Ugh.  DSC_7205

Abby, however, is totally still excited by little things…and I love it.  I love it more that she’s excited by a book.DSC_7184

Before and after…

DSC_7177 DSC_7178 DSC_7179 DSC_7211






















We hope your Christmas was as great as ours!

Love from the Hendersons!

House Under Construction…

Also known as, the 2 weeks of concrete.  First things first…the leak.  Some boneheaded plumber heated and bent the pipe behind our fridge, and turned it through a stud…said pipe developed a pin hole leak, which caused a puddle on the concrete UNDER our floors.  We’d been blaming the wet spots on the girls spilling around the computer, but on that Sunday, Chris wiped the spill only for it to come back….and spread.  It was coming up between the floor boards 🙁

Fast forward to Monday…insurance claims, water damage remediation people, really loud dehumidifiers and fans, and concrete floors in our office and formal living room.  And this is where we sat…for 2 weeks…Y’all, dealing with insurance is no joke.  It should be easy, but we all know that in life, there’s always a glitch…If I repeated the phrase “It could be worse” once, I know I did it a thousand times.  And it really could have been.  That pipe could have popped, killing the fridge, floors, our furniture, cabinets.  It could have been much, much worse.  We were incredibly lucky that it was just a small leak, on the first floor, that only ruined the floors we were talking about changing in a few years anyway.  So we’re looking at the positive 🙂

Anyway, enjoy the pictures…I have a great contractor if anyone needs the number!2015-11-29 21.49.30 2015-12-01 20.24.38 2015-12-01 20.25.122015-12-07 18.51.332015-12-08 06.37.3520151215_13265120151217_155158





























And the finished product…Those floors are amazing…amazing.  It all works so well together.  It might have been worth concrete floors for 2 weeks 😉



Monday Morning Motivation. . . . .

After being sick for a week (thanks, babe), I finally started a new workout routine this morning.  Talk about a wake up!  Y’all know I love Skinny Ms., so I borrowed this from an article I read there.  I did all 7…and it took 7 minutes.  I’m thinking about doing this a couple times a day, along with starting C25K today, too.  Wish me luck…and my lungs luck 🙂

Here’s the run down:

7 Day Morning Workout.

Choose 5 of the following, and do for 1 minute each.  If doing more than 1 round, rest 1 minute in between.

1. Push-ups
2. Superman
3. Bridge
4. Tricep Push-ups
5. Cross Toe Touch
6. Alternating Lateral Lunge
7. Plyometric Squats

To read more, or to see video demos, go here.

Athlete running on the road in morning sunrise training for marathon and fitness. Healthy active lifestyle latino woman exercising outdoors. Motion blur to show speed.

Athlete running on the road in morning sunrise training for marathon and fitness. Healthy active lifestyle latino woman exercising outdoors. Motion blur to show speed.

Turkey Day!

Hope you had a marvelous Thanksgiving, loves!  We ate, we drank, we ate some more…Then we went shopping…Then ate some more.  I swear, I may not be able to wear anything that buttons for a week!  I was terrible this year….Chris has had pneumonia, and now I have the lovely respiratory yuck that he had, so Thanksgiving happened only by the grace of God and Motrin.  I didn’t take a single picture, dang it!  I realized that after everything had been cut into, so there was no going back.  I’ll do better at Christmas, promise.  And speaking of Christmas, my shopping is 90% done.  Yay!

This year was a first.  We smoked a turkey instead of the usual oven method we always do, and y’all, it was amazing.  We do Alton Brown’s famous brine, with a few little tweaks, like using apple cider and oj.  We went for a 48 hour soak, instead of the shorter one, because we were worried that the smoker might dry out the turkey.  It was fabulous.  Chris said it fell off of the rack, barely any cutting required.  Did I say it was amazing?  Because it was!  We even smoked our deviled eggs this year. And the Mac and Cheese.

The one thing we ALWAYS have to have is dressing.  And not just any dressing, the age old, passed down, cornbread dressing.  I always make enough for a small country, so we get our fill for the year.  I think Chris could eat it cold, straight out of the fridge.  That man loves his dressing.  Love you, babe!

So what’s the one thing you HAVE to have during the holidays, or your holidays just aren’t complete?  Do you ever put a new twist on them?